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Saskatchewan: General Order 45-929 – Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. British Columbia: BC Instrument 45-535 Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. Nova Scotia: Blanket Order No. 45-524 Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. New Brunswick: 45-506 – Blanket Order Start-Up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. Manitoba: Blanket Order 45-502 Start-up Crowdfunding Prospectus and Registration Exemption. Quebec: Blanket Order on Start-Up Crowdfunding Prospectus and Registration Exemptions Decision No. 2016-PDG-0095 in accordance with Multilateral CSA Notice 45-319.

About CanaDragon Start-up Equity Crowdfunding for the Entrepreneur | CanaDragon

About CanaDragon Start-up Equity Crowdfunding for the Entrepreneur

Business Crowdfunding
Now anyone can fund your business.

Owners of start-ups or growing businesses can raise funding from investors by selling a percentage of the company’s equity. As the owner of your company, you decide how much equity the company wishes to sell and that equity stake is sold and divided up into shares offered to the public.

Raises are active for 90 days and companies can raise a maximum of $250,000 in one raise event, with up to two raise events per calendar year. The company must sell up to its minimum raise amount to investors during the 90 days, or else the entire raise fails.

Investors actually pay for the shares they want to buy during the raise period and those funds paid are held by the portal until the raise period is over. The progress of the offering is shown on the portal during the offering period. If the desired and specified amount is raised from investors, the event succeeds and the portal awards the funds raised less costs of the raise to the company, and investors are sent share certificates. If the specified amount is not raised from investors, the portal will return the funds paid for shares to the investors and the event is concluded without result.

What CanaDragon Offers

The CanaDragon team (the none fire-breathing kind) will work with the companies to help them create offerings that are both appropriate for the issuer company and the equity crowdfunding market.


    An online marketing package is offered to all issuer companies to promote their raise and products/services by our participating digital media partner.


    Standardized ECf Class Shares are offered to the investing public. The issuer company will be required to memorialize in its corporate documents, authorize and issue ECf Class shares for sale on the CanaDragon portals.


    CanaDragon has teamed with legal and accounting firms in the participating provinces to create “Road to Issuance” legal and accounting professional service packages to execute the listing properly.


    When a raise is successful, the shares bought must be registered and transferred properly from the company to the new investors.

ECf Class Shares

The Canadian Common Equity Crowdfunding Corporation has designed a standardized class of stocks called ECf Class shares. This share will be offered to all issuer companies investing on CanaDragon’s portal.

The ECf Class Share has been designed to be a consummately appropriate security for the purposes of both issuers and investors participating in the common ECf market. For the issuer company, the ECf Class Share will tend to assure reasonable capital structuring and corporate governance elements in the CECf financing environment; and for the common CECf investor, the ECf Class Share will be a standardized product that will provide a fair position for the small investor in the corporate governance hierarchy.

All issuer companies on CanaDragon’s portal will be required to authorize and issue ECf Class shares for sale. The proprietary ECf Class Share will be a true enhancement to the portals as all investors will know exactly what they are getting in terms of the rights of the shares offered when they buy shares on the portals. Just like any consumer, the investor is going to be able to buy a product that is standard at least from a structural standpoint.

Minimum Offerings

In order to maintain reasonable costs for all and a workable corporate governance scenario for the issuer companies, equity units sold on the portal will only be denominated in $100, $500, $1000, and $1500 units, that we call Minimum Offering Units (MOU). It will be at the discretion of the issuer companies as to what mix of MOU’s they wish to offer in any given event. For example, in a maximum $150,000 raise event, an issuer company may choose to offer 50 – $1500 units, 40 – $1000 units, 70 – $500 units and 50 – $100 units; or, it could just decide to offer 100-$1500 units. Please understand that there is only one price for each of the equity shares offered in any given listing and that the different MOU prices represent different numbers of shares. EXAMPLE: If the shares to be distributed are priced at $100 each, a $500 MOU would consist of 5 shares, a $1000 MOU would consist of 10 shares, and a $1500 MOU would consist of 15 shares.

For the potential investor’s information, the Form-1 – Start-up Crowdfunding – Offering Document that accompanies the listing on the website informs as to the “minimum offering amount” and the “maximum offering amount” of the raise in dollar terms as well as the “total number of eligible securities issuable”.

How to Get Started

For companies wishing to raise funding via the sale of equity shares on the CanaDragon portals, the listing fee will vary between $1,000 and $5,000 depending upon the size of the raise, the anticipated repetition of raises by the issuer, and upon which portal is to be used. The commission to the portals on all raises will be 8%.

If you wish to consider a common equity crowdfunding raise for your company on the CanaDragon Interchanges, please contact jamesk@canadragon.ca or call us at 1(306) 941-1305.

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