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Saskatchewan: General Order 45-929 – Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. British Columbia: BC Instrument 45-535 Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. Nova Scotia: Blanket Order No. 45-524 Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. New Brunswick: 45-506 – Blanket Order Start-Up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions. Manitoba: Blanket Order 45-502 Start-up Crowdfunding Prospectus and Registration Exemption. Quebec: Blanket Order on Start-Up Crowdfunding Prospectus and Registration Exemptions Decision No. 2016-PDG-0095 in accordance with Multilateral CSA Notice 45-319.

About Us | CanaDragon

About Us

Why we created the CanaDragon Interchanges

There has always been a problem for start-up companies and entrepreneurial ventures to raise that first big chunk of money that could take them from the stage of great idea to market confirmation or even real operations. For some years now an internet phenomenon known as reward crowdfunding has been filling that funding gap. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have facilitated the raising of hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from the public to support promising new enterprises and causes. For their donations, public funders get some sort of reward once the project they supported gets going…often the product that is the outcome of the project.

For many new companies and commercial ventures, reward crowdfunding is just not appropriate, and for many supporters of new ideas, they would much rather actually invest in the project and take real ownership in it rather than just receiving a gift for their interest. So, now along comes common equity crowdfunding…a new type of crowdfunding that allows everybody to actually invest, that is buy common stock or equity in new ventures without going through all of the costly regulatory rigmarole that generally accompanies initial public stock offerings. Common equity crowdfunding can only be done in certain places, under certain conditions set by securities regulators, and via certain types of intermediaries called portals on the Internet.

In May of 2015 six Canadian provinces, led by Saskatchewan, joined in a highly unique, seamless common equity crowdfunding marketplace that allows new companies in any of the six participating provinces (BC, SK, MB, QC, NB, and NS) to raise money via equity investment from residents of any of those provinces. There are many special conditions on these raises, but one of the most important is that the transactions must be handled through special internet sites created specifically to serve as the transaction portals. Our company, Canadian Common Equity Crowdfunding Corporation, has created not one, but two of these portals to facilitate common equity crowdfunding in the six participating provinces… the CanaDragon Enterprise and CanaDragon Venture Equity Crowdfunding Interchanges.

The CanaDragon Interchanges are intended to set the standard in Canada (and the world) for common equity crowdfunding facilitation by striving to create as orderly a primary market as possible. This will be done mainly by working to help our issuer companies achieve a certain minimum level of corporate infrastructure that will promote reasonable and consistent management of funds and funded operations.

More information on CCECC

What is Canadian Common Equity Crowdfunding Corporation (CCECC)

Canadian Common Equity Crowdfunding Corporation is a Saskatchewan based private corporation headquartered in Saskatoon, SK and registered to do business in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. CCECC is the owner/operator of the the CanaDragon Enterprise and CanaDragon Venture Equity Crowdfunding Interchanges and exists and is regulated under the Start-up Crowdfunding Exemptions of the participating provinces. Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316 Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions issued May 14, 2015 provides information regarding these exemptions.

The Team

Les Schaevitz, Founder, Chairman, CEO
A corporate finance and industrial organization major/graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Les became infatuated with the Saskatchewan model for common equity crowdfunding passed in December 2013…enough so that he began commuting to Saskatoon and Regina from his home in Philadelphia in early 2014 intent on establishing a portal company under the Saskatchewan model. Having struggled to raise money for his own technology start-ups over the years, Les realized what a powerful financing tool common equity crowdfunding could be for aspiring entrepreneurs in North America, if only there were a legal environment in which it could be successfully accomplished. With the advent of the Saskatchewan model which has now been joined by the provinces of BC, MB, QC, NB, and NS, the dream of a seamless semi-national common equity crowdfunding market is coming to fruition in North America, and Les’ idea for a high level portal owner/operator in this market is being realized in the form of Canadian Common Equity Crowdfunding Corporation.


Alan Migneault, CA Director, Board Advisor on Financial Controls

Alan is president of AJM Management Corp., an organization that provides chief financial officer services, strategic financial consulting, management consulting, risk management, business evaluation, coaching and merger and acquisition consulting on contract to high growth, small and medium sized businesses in Canada. He is also presently chief financial officer for Pac West Properties, Inc., Industrial Machine & Mfg. Inc., and Altrogge Holdings Ltd., as well as a board director and treasurer of Enterprise Capital of Saskatoon Corp. Enterprise Capital of Saskatoon Corp. (ECSC) provides small and micro loans to both new and existing entrepreneurial businesses that require financing for start-up or expansion of their businesses.

An accounting graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Alan is also a board director of the North Saskatoon Business Association (NSBA).

Monica Kreuger, Director, Board Advisor on Community and Academic Relations

Founder, President and CEO of Global Infobrokers Inc. and the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, Monica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Honours) and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan where she ultimately taught marketing and entrepreneurship for several years. A past president of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and current co-Chair for the Going Global committee, she currently sits on the Board of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and chairs the HR Expert Committee.

Monica is passionate about youth and ensuring that they have a chance to contribute their best to the world. She believes that each person has a set of gifts and a purpose in life that needs to be discovered and activated and seeks to make this happen through the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship.

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